The needs of each Service Dog team are highly individualized, so contact us today to see how we can help you!

  • Consultation about eligibility and benefits of obtaining or training a service dog
  • Help with locating, selection or evaluation of a potential service dog
  • Early socialization and basic training
  • Advanced, individualized skills required to meet the definition of "Service Dog"

How Team Dog Connection can help

Team Dog Connection offers a number of services to help you become or remain a successful Service Dog Team.  These include, but are not limited to:

Service dogs may help by opening and closing doors, turning switches on and off, finding specific people, barking to indicate a need for help, retrieving objects that are difficult for their owners to hold or reach, and many more tasks specifically tailored to the needs of each individual.

Service Dogs are granted certain privileges and access that pet dogs and Emotional Support dogs are not, and are generally allowed to accompany their owners in any public place. Service Dogs must be well-behaved, clean and well cared for, fully house-trained, and not post a threat or danger to others.

Assistance dogs are trained to aid or assist a person with a disability. They may be trained by a specific organization or by their owners (sometimes with the help of a professional trainer.

Assistance dogs may be trained to aid the visually or hearing impaired, or they may be trained as Service Dogs to assist people with other disabilities. Service dogs can help with mobility issues, work with people using manual or power wheelchairs, serve as seizure alert dogs, help alleviate psychiatric disorders, assist people with autism or attention deficit issues and perform many other types of assistance. Service dogs are trained to do specific tasks to help mitigate many different types of disabilities.

Assistance Dogs

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