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  • Dog or puppy selection assistance
  • Dog or puppy temperament evaluation
  • Training for "house manners" including house-training, polite greetings, etc.
  • Training for calm, relaxed behaviors
  • Training in special behaviors that provide comfort, such as resting a head or paw on your leg
  • Standard obedience behaviors including polite walking on leash.

Team Dog Connection offers a number of services to help you develop a working emotional support partnership with your dog. These include but are not limited to:

How Team Dog Connection can help

Emotional Support dogs are not task-trained like Service Dogs, however they must be well-behaved, fully house-trained, and not have bad habits that would disturb neighbors. They must also pose no threat or danger to others. 

Emotional Support Dogs

An Emotional Support dog provides therapeutic support to  his or her owner by offering companionship, affection, or other emotional benefits.  Emotional Support dogs (or other animals) do not have the same public access rights granted to Service Dogs, however they are afforded certain benefits not granted to pet dogs.  A mental health provider that determines a patient would benefit from an Emotional Support dog can write letters of support that allow the patient to keep the dog in "no pets" housing or travel with the patient in an aircraft cabin.